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Nautilus Turbines have been installed all over the world to supply long lasting, efficient electricity generation to satisfied customers. From rural farms in Pennsylvania to remote island installations our technology is designed to do one thing very well; enable energy independence for a sustainable future. Below you'll find a selection of installations that showcase potential applications for a Nautilus turbine. If you have a Nautilus installed somewhere in the world and want to show it in action, please feel free to contact us and submit photos. We will be expanding this gallery as time goes on.


The Site owned by the Howie family develops 3.5 Kw on 20 ft of head and powers a residence.

Looking Up Penstock Concrete Basin for Support 3.25kW on  20ft Head

Ironmacannie Mill, Scotland

This turbine was installed by Border Hydro Ltd at a mill that was converted into a residence in Scotland. The turbine is a CMC-MH unit operating on 18ft of head at 2.6 Kw with a poured concrete basin to ensure the draft tube is always submerged to maintains suction head. The penstock pulls water from an existing dam and discharges below the mill.

Ironcannie Crew Gate Controls 2.6 KW on 18 ft of head Ironcannie Mill Overview Ironcannie Owner

Roshven, Scotland-

Set on a beautiful stream feeding directly to the ocean, this installation is a perfect example of a traditional Nautilus install. The simple concrete structure both supports the turbine and ensures the draft tube is always submerged. The civil works elevates the unit and protects it during flooding situations. The gate regulation on this CMC-MH can be clearly seen. The actuator adjust the gate setting and automatically tracks the available flow in the stream. The unit produces 4.5 Kw on 25 ft of head.

20 ft of head 2.6 kw Roshvegen from Penstock Roshvegen with Ocean

Shetland Islands

The Shetland Islands are located 80 miles off the mainland of Scotland in the North Sea, only 400 miles south of the Arctic Circle. They are known for being very remote and are many times unreachable by boat due to weather. This installation is a great example of a Nautilus being used for truly independent energy production. The CMCMH produces a potential 6.5Kw on 32 ft of head topower a residence and business in combination with a wind turbine.

Install 6.5KW 10 meters of head Install in Progress Closeup View from Penstock

Tanfield Mill, England

These two T-MH units were installed downstream of an open flume setting that encloses a larger turbine. The two turbines discharge into the existing tailrace and produce 1500 watts each on 8ft of head. The electrical load is a Bed and Breakfast and residence in Yorkshire.

Complete Install Looking Upstream Looking Downstream Two units 8.4 ft of head 1500 watts ea unit


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