Open Flume Ultra Low Head

Over the years Nautilus has experimented with many different low head turbine applications. The following pictures represent a few of these tests and installs.On Ultra Low Head a larger amount of water is required to make power than on higher heads. In small power outputs like those needed to run a home with energy storage small streams will suffice and Low head is often the answer. We have successfully developed between 300 and 2000 watts on heads as low as 30 inches. Even on small streams flooding during high water is always a design consideration. You will notice on many of the installs pictured the Generator is elevated above the turbine on a tower to avoid problems.

Prop in pressure case ULH side view with draft tube Discharge end of Unit ULH prop unit showing intake-drop-gate-and-trash-rack 30in of Head - 2.5kW Dischagre 22in of Head 500w Open Flume 22in of Head ULH prototype on 22in of head 500 watts 30in of Head Install Downstream

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