CMC Ultra Low Head Turbine

The regulated CMC Ultra Low Head turbine (CMC-ULH) operates in a similar power range as the 660-ULH in an open flume and produces up to 1500 watts. The CMC offers better part gate regulation and efficiency than the other cylinder gate Nautilus models.

To avoid clogging, the gate openings are larger than the passageways in the turbine runner, so anything that gets through the gates will easily pass through the runner. In addition, the closing action of the gates packs a punch and will cut up sticks and leaves that enter the turbine.

This 200mm (8in) Francis turbine is made from Stainless Steel, Bronze and Cast Iron. The heavy duty bearing configuration matches that found in the Type 660-ULH with heavier shafting. This robust design was manufactured by 3 three different companies in the US until 1940. Over 4000 were installed in the US and around the world. This simple regulated design is perfect for open flumes.

Key Features
  • Regulation: Register Gate
  • Runner Type: Francis
  • Materials: 304 S.S., Mild Steel, Cast Iron, Bronze
  • Head Range: 4ft (1.2m) to 12ft (3.7m)
  • Flow Range: 1.2 CFS (33 l/s) to 2 CFS (57 l/s)
  • Power Output: 290 watts to 1.5 kW
  • CMC Ultra Low Head System
  • Exploded view of CMC-ULH
  • CMC-ULH Runner and Register Gates

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