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Nautilus Turbines have been installed all over the world to supply long lasting, efficient electricity generation to satisfied customers. From rural farms in Pennsylvania to remote island installations our technology is designed to do one thing very well; enable energy independence for a sustainable future. Below you'll find a selection of installations that showcase potential applications for a Nautilus turbine. If you have a Nautilus installed somewhere in the world and want to show it in action, please feel free to contact us and submit photos. We will be expanding this gallery as time goes on.

Western Colorado

This turbine was installed in 2006. The owner is an electrical designer/inventor with extensive experience in PV technology and satellite communications. This residential system includes a T-MH on 8 ft of head and produces 1500 watts. The site also includes a 2 kw PV array with a 400AH battery system.

During Installation Right View Misty Image Complete Install Left View

Conestoga , Pennsylvania

This was the first test of T type runner in a trapezoidal scroll case, circa 1986. The test was performed in at a dam on the Conestoga Creek.

Initial T  Type Testing -  circa 1985 Test Configuration Test Setup Testing Scrollcase

Blairstown, New Jersey

The T-MH installed here works in combination with a large PV system to provide power for a conference center. This turbine operates on 20ft of head and produces 6kw.

Princeton-Blairstown Camp Install 20ft Head 6kW Horizontal Setup Ron with Turbine View 2 View 3

Kennet Square, PA

This is the first install for the T-MH turbine. The turbine was tested with francis and propellor runners. Several different generators and alternators were also tested. AERL in Australia modified one of their Maximum Power Point Trackers for hydro applications at our request. To the best of our Knowledge this was the first application of it’d kind. The tracker was a great success and allowed us to use unregulated Permanent Magnet generators with excellent turbine and generator efficiency. The T-MH installed in it’s present configuration with the “T” runner developed 1500 watts on 7 ft of head ! This site was totally destroyed by a flood and totally rebuilt. There are photos of that process in the gallery as well.

Another View of  Turbine Pit Nautilus before install Preparation of  turbine pit Preparing to cut hole  in pit for penstock Installing  the penstock Nautilus operating in pit during install Nautilus prototype in pit Turbine operating with pond empty Pit and water wheel Turbine  in pit with pond full
Water wheel installation before the flood Site before the  flood Dallett-site-destroyed-by-flood Flume coming up Flume slowley getting higher Flume-back-in-place-install-new-generator Hydro site destroyed by flood Installing lifting frame to lift Flume Lifting the flume Nautilus install after flood New Generator Install Shifting the flume onto-Base Flume in place deck rebuilt
12ft Water Wheel fabricated  from COR10 steel Mechanical Power transmission  to a Jacobs generator Wheel Looking up Flume toward headrace Wheel showing flume with  pond below 12ft Dia Backshot Wheel

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