Prototype Testing

Over the years Nautilus has designed and tested many application and site specific designs. The following photographs demonstrate a couple of examples.

Propellor in Scroll Case Prototype

These photos show the standard Nautilus scroll case with a Propellor installed for testing. The prop was tested wit a variety of generators. The direct coupled PM motor shown with and without special controller was sealed and had no facility for cooling. We actually submerged the generator in water during testing and the water evaporated in a matter of minutes due to the wasteful heating problem. It was clear the the generator was very in-efficient and wasted energy in the form of heat that should have been electrical output. The propellor itself proved to operate well when driving a more conventional PM generator.

Generatorand Controller Propeller Prototype Prop in case  side bottom view Prop in case bottom view Test prop installation in case PM motor as generator test Prototype Testing Test generator with big heating problem Failed PM Motor aqs generator - too much heating - actual submersion test View of Test Pit and Water Wheel

Virginia Beach

This DC battery charging unit (UHEG) was designed to be broken down into pieces and man carried in the field or delivered assembled and ready to generate power in battlefield or remote locations by helicopter. The following photos show the unit under test in Virginia Beach.

Distant shot with upper tank Good discharge view Human Transportable Frame Looking Down Stream with Supply Pump Overview of setup Penstock and Discharge Turbine Operating for Test Final Installation

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